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10 Questions to Ask Your Tree Cutting and Trimming Company

10 Questions to Ask Your Tree Cutting and Trimming Company

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Tree care can be too cumbersome for the ordinary person. Keeping a tree healthy isn’t always a simple task. Sometimes, you need to know exactly what is going on with your tree and how to keep it in shape. But most of us pay so little attention to our trees that we don’t recognize signs that they need special care. When we do realize they need to be taken care of, we don’t know what to do. That’s why we have tree cutting and trimming service in Alexandria.

Obtaining tree service isn’t a risk free choice. Tree surgeons aren’t all the same. Some are seasoned experts in the field, while others have only begun working recently. The right tree care company has professionals with the relevant education, training, and experience. But how do you know exactly which service provider has these qualities?

1. Do they have updated licenses and insurance?

It’s hard to put your trust on people who aren’t licensed or authorized to work in a particular field, especially one with real hazards involved. One of the first things you need to determine is whether they have the capability to do tasks like tree trimming, cutting, or removal.

Another important document is an updated certificate of insurance. The tree care service provider’s insurance shall cover against injuries and damages incurred at work. It’s bad enough to hire someone with dubious qualification, let alone pay for their medication and therapy if their ineptness sends them to the ER because of broken limbs.

2. Are the arborists certified?

Are the company’s arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture? This certification tells you that the arborist or tree surgeon has updated knowledge in his field. Hence, a certified arborist should be able to show proof that he has attended current ISA training, which includes standard tree care techniques and safety guidelines. Trust me when I say that your trees are better off being handled by an ISA-certified arborist.

3. Do they have references available?

How many satisfied customers can they show you? A confident company will not mind showing you a list of people you can contact to ask about the quality of service. Ask for a list of recent clients because they will give you a closer look at the company’s recent track record.

You can also look at reviews. Customers don’t mind leaving good reviews when they are truly satisfied by the service. Dissatisfied ones don’t mince their words, too.

4. Can they provide a detailed quote?

It’s okay to shop around for tree cutting and trimming companies in Alexandria. Once you have narrowed down your choice to three companies, the next thing to do is ask written estimates from them. Does the estimate indicate cleanup after the task? If not, don’t be surprised to do the disposal when the shady tree cutters are gone. Check that the contract says who is responsible for disposal and cleanup.

Remember the quote tells you what you will be paying. If the company makes charges not included in the estimate, consider that a red flag. In addition, be wary of service providers who ask money before rendering service.

5. How will they do the job?

Our arborist don’t mind explaining to you how they will trim or cut your trees step by step. They have been in the industry for so long that they know the procedure by heart. They know what to do once they see your property and your tree. They can picture out a plan to cut and trim your tree without harming anything else. If the tree surgeon you have enlisted can’t tell you what he’s supposed to do, find someone else who can.

6. What’s their policy if they damage something on your property?

Seasoned tree cutting professionals minimize, if not eliminate, the risk of damage to your property. But since damage to your lawn or fence is inevitable, you should ask your tree care company what their policy is in case their team ruins something while at work.

7. What equipment will they use?

I always advise tree owners to mind the equipment of their tree surgeons. A chainsaw and an ax are basic. Also, look for a ladder and ropes. Most tree care companies, even the new ones, have their own equipment.

Beware of freelance contractors who can’t show you their tools. They will probably borrow yours.

8. How long will it take them to trim or cut your tree?

One company may claim their team can cut or trim your tree in three days. Another may say they can do it in 6 hours. You know who’s telling the truth by asking their references or reading reviews about their services.

9. Are they going to wear safety gear?

A tree surgeon without insurance who goes to your property without safety suits, goggles, face masks, earmuffs, or gloves doesn’t take his job seriously. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires tree care operators to wear safety equipment.

10. What’s the best way to save my tree?

Caring for trees is what an arborist does. After inspecting your tree, he can then tell you honestly whether it needs pruning or trimming or another form of treatment. In dire cases, when your tree is damaged or diseased beyond help, it may be cut instead.

At Alexandria Tree Services, we deliver reliable tree care services while protecting your property. For more information, call us at 571-371-0282.

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