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Things to Check When Hiring Tree Removal Service

9 Things to Check When Hiring Tree Removal Service

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Most people don’t realize that tree removal service in Alexandria or anywhere else is a highly technical work that requires the right equipment and skill set. I personally would not advise anyone to do it DIY style if they are not equipped and experienced. The wrong person doing this physically demanding task can injure himself or injure someone else. And that’s a conservative warning!

When hiring a tree cutting or removal company, don’t just rely on what you see online. A lot of people claim they have experience but can’t really deliver. In addition, just because someone says he’s a tree specialist, it doesn’t mean he knows how to deal with your diseased tree. You’re better off putting your faith in an arborist or tree removal professional in Virginia who has been in the field for years. Finding the right company that does tree removal, trimming, and maintenance as well as stump grinding and removal gives you the peace of mind that you need and the right service that’s worth your money.

It’s hard to choose among a number of tree removal companies, but keep the following factors in mind to help you arrive at the best choice.

1. Credentials

People can deceive you just to get your money and provide lackluster, if not terrible, service in return. This happens in any industry. I have heard of homeowners being duped by backyard gardeners offering to uproot their problematic trees for a fee. It’s fine at first until they realized the dudes they hired spent unreasonably long times doing the job and charging them for things they didn’t know they had to pay.

License and experience are necessary. Some of us don’t ask for these documents because we’re too nice. But you should, especially because you’re paying not just for their service but also for their expertise. This is why our tree removal specialists at Alexandria Tree Services are always willing to show you their credentials, including licenses and insurance.

2. Price

The cost of any service is always the deal maker or breaker. People generally look for products and services at reasonable price. Clever consumers don’t choose the cheapest service right away because they are aware that cheap service may indeed be cheap in quality.

Now, regarding tree removal cost in Alexandria, different companies have different ways of pricing their services. Some companies base their charges on tree height. Others charge clients on an hourly rate. There are companies who put the cost of logistics on their customers.

To know exactly what you will be paying for, you have to ask for a detailed quote, which includes aspects like transportation, use of equipment, service fees, and disposal fees. If any of these isn’t included in the estimate, ask your tree removal company about it. For example, if disposal wasn’t listed in the estimate, you should clarify this

with your service provider unless you want a pile of wood to surprise you when you arrive from work. Don’t just trust them when they say they will handle the disposal. Everything should be on paper before you sign up.

Professional tree removal can cost around $600-$800 and is, thus, quite expensive, so it makes sense to hire the honest and reliable people to do the job.

3. Discounts on Extras

Tree trimming, cutting, and maintenance are different services, each having a different price. Stump removal is another service that incurs another cost. However, in many cases, people need two or more services. Some companies offer a discount for the second job. For instance, they may offer a markdown for stump grinding after cutting your tree. Sometimes all you need to do is ask for discounts.

4. Insurance

Who’s going to pay the medical bills of the guy who falls from your tree in the middle of his job? Who’s going to cover the cost of lawn or fence repairs after a bad tree removal job? Who’s going to pay for your broken roof shingles because a tree limb fell into your house?

Insurance is often neglected during consultation and not reflected in estimates. Worse, self-proclaimed tree surgeons don’t offer insurance and may charge you for injuries incurred while removing your tree. Hence, do yourself a favor and work only with legitimate tree removal companies that provide insurance.

5. References

It doesn’t matter where your arborist is based. If they say they have been around for several years, then they shouldn’t have any problem giving you a list of references. Their references may inform you whether they were satisfied with or disappointed in the services.

6. Reviews

Aside from references, honest reviews give you a glimpse into the quality of service you may as well get if you’re signing up for a particular tree removal service. Pay attention to the number of bad reviews. Most companies do receive negative reviews because they cannot possibly please everyone, but if your prospective tree surgeon is getting way more negative feedback than the others, it’s time to look elsewhere.

7. Tree removal duration

Top arborists in Alexandria can tell you how long it takes to remove your tree right after assessing it. How long the task takes depends on the size of the tree, the presence of nearby structures that need to be taken into account during removal, and the number of people who will do the job. Don’t choose a company that can’t give you a good duration estimate. In addition, look at reviews to see whether clients are satisfied with the length of time it took for a particular service provider to do the task.

8. Equipment

If the tree surgeon you hired brings only a chainsaw to your site, you hired the wrong person. Arborists bring an ax, a grinder, a ladder, a rope, a truck, among others. They also have a complete set of safety gear. Remember that you’re hiring a company with complete equipment, not a freelance “tree specialist” who knocks on your door to borrow your toolkit.

9. Website

Internet savvy customers look at the website of the service provider to see services offered, prices, blog posts, and testimonials. For this reason, we make our website as user friendly as possible. You can check out our website to see our services in detail.

Should you pay a down payment?

I personally would not pay for anything until the job is done and I’m satisfied with the job. However, some companies do require a down payment before commencing the project as an assurance. Rest assured that we don’t.

Alexandria Tree Services offers the most reliable tree removal services in the city. Call us at 571-371-0282 to schedule a consultation and get a free quote.

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