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An experienced arborist in Alexandria, fully-certified, and knowledgeable are hard to find, both in our beloved Alexandria and all around Virginia. But if you want an arborist who is also flexible and willing to work under your budget — well, you’re in the right place!

What Does an Arborist Do?

An arborist is a professional devoted to comprehensive tree care and health. This ranges from general diagnostics and maintenance in treating tree diseases and preventing their spread (including techniques to improve their health), and handling those that can’t be saved with minimal disruption for surrounding plants, buildings, and people.

Although we work outdoors and tend to have a lot of dirt on our overalls, arboriculture has a foundation in science and builds of years of experience.

Why Call an Arborist?

Thanks to their years of training, an arborist can provide comprehensive tree care service in any of the following scenarios.

  • Curing sick or blighted trees. Root rot, beetle infestations, aphids, and several types of fungi can easily derail the efforts of even the most devoted Alexandria gardener. A certified arborist can diagnose any of these diseases properly and suggest evidence-based treatments, as well as protecting the surrounding plants.
  • Recommending and designing pruning regimes: Tree trimming and pruning, especially for young trees, is a very good investment for those who want to be able to enjoy their trees for decades to come. An arborist can help you design a pruning strategy that will ensure structurally-sound, stable trees, keep specific areas free, or promote denser foliage.
  • Helping landscapers design sustainable projects. Landscaping is often a major investment for homeowners, especially when first getting started. When designing your backyard’s layout, or the future looks for a public park, you want to make sure there will be enough space for each plant to grow and thrive. Thanks to their knowledge of soil types, tree nutrition, and root patterns, an arborist’s input will be invaluable.
  • Enhancing the beauty of your existing trees. Just as we can usually tell when a fellow human is eating healthy and exercising, the difference between a well-nourished tree and a flimsy one is also quite evident. Get an arborist to help you find the right diet for your trees!
  • Help you set up your own backyard orchard. The dream of your own fruit tree in the backyard is a worthy one. But do you know how to ensure your apples will remain healthy and big, or keep pests away without using harmful chemicals? An arborist does! So if you want to search for an arborist in Alexandria VA, then come look for us!

    Call us and let our certified arborists help make your Alexandria trees and property as healthy as possible.

What Else Can Your Arborist Offer?

Technically any arborist can offer generic tree care services in Alexandria. However, our arborists always go the extra mile. Now, we could tell you that we offer the best arborist in Alexandria — or we could explain what our unique service entails:

  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification: We have reviewed the books and taken the tests.
  • Full and comprehensive coverage for both property damages and workers’ compensation: We don’t like accidents, but if they do happen, they won’t be your problem.
  • Flexible budgets and the power of CHOICE: We work with residential and corporate clients alike, and we understand each one has different needs. We will design a feasible project that fits your needs.

Let us help you make your trees and property as healthy as it could be!



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