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We provide fast and affordable stump grinding and stump removal services in Alexandria. Whether you have removed a dangerous tree from your property or are clearing a lot to build something new, removing the tree itself is only half of the job. After removing and chopping down the tree, it’s time to start stump grinding to remove the stump. Otherwise, not only will you be left with a large piece of wood rooted in the ground, but you may find the tree sprouting again!

After all, nature is a fighter, and stump removal via stump grinding is the pro way to finish the job.

After hiring bush removal services, or getting rid of a relatively small tree, it may be possible for you to simply dig out the stumps. If you are dealing with an old oak or a massive willow, then it will simply be unfeasible to perform stump removal with a simple spade. If you are searching for stump removal Alexandria VA near me, then come find us!

“But most tree companies near me offer tree stump removal services!”

This is technically true, but few offer true professional stump removal via stump grinding.

What is stump grinding?

Stump removal via stump grinding involves pulverizing the entire stump into mulch. This is usually done with a sharp and very quick spinning wheel, although the specific machine comes in various sizes and models, each offering more power or precision.

If you want proper stump grinding

Naturally, sharp spinning blades are something that requires safety gear and forethought to handle correctly. This is why any proper company offering stump grinding in Alexandria will begin their task with an on-site consultation.

What we check for

After checking out the terrain type, the tree species, the stump size, and the root system’s depth, we can begin designing a realistic grinding operation.

Some trees are known for their tougher, more resilient wood and will need specific types of blades. Many treatments that the tree may have been subjected to while still young can affect the grinding process, such as metal wiring or anti-pest coatings.

How we prepare

During grinding, the mulch and wood chips created tend to spin around and be thrown in all directions. This is why, before we turn any blades on, we properly secure the perimeter to ensure no wood chips are capable of damaging surrounding property.

We will also check the area for nearby underground cables or root systems that belong to other plants. This is a crucial part of the highly precise stump grinding service that we are proud to offer.

What comes next?

A complete deep grinding job also requires us to go a few inches underground and get rid of external roots. This is done to avoid having twigs grow underneath your new building. And of course, the job is not complete until we have cleaned up the area and completely refilled the hole.

Why choose Alexandria tree services?

Our staff is experienced, perfectionists, and fully insured to work in Virginia. We have several grinding machines available, and depending on your circumstances, we can offer any of them, or a combination of them, to do the job right. As certified arborists, we know how deep each root system goes, and we will get to the bottom of it.

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