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Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited is a professional, reliable, and affordable tree trimming contractor in Alexandria. Tree trimming and pruning are among our core activities, and personally, one of my favorite ones.

After all, it is something that pretty much anyone, whether they have a small bush or a full-sized orchard, will need to take care of at some point. While the basics can be straightforward, there are many ways to trim incorrectly.

What we do and how we do it

Thanks to our years of tree trimming experience, we can provide customized, smart solutions for:

  • Ornamental and vista trimming: Great for ensuring green, thick trees, to raise your birches higher, or to maximize your oak’s future shade.
  • Crown Reduction: Many of us have paid extra for amazing balcony views, so why let the nearby trees conflict with them? A smart trim twice a year will keep you from having to do repeat pruning every other week.
  • Directional or formative trimming: A few well-studied cuts on a still young tree will ensure it remains structurally sound for years to come.
  • Pests and fungi containment: Getting rid of the whole tree is sometimes too radical a solution, especially when you can just trim the right branches
  • Pollarding: This is a good investment if you want to make the most of your landscaping. Pollarding involves trimming some select branches off the top of the tree during the dormant season and allows it to grow back denser and healthier.

Whatever type of services you need, you will be enlisting one of the most experienced arborists in Alexandria. Everyone who works with me is fully-insured in the state of Virginia and personally trained. If you look for the best tree trimmers Alexandria, VA, near me, then you will find us!

I need help finding tree pruning services near me

Whenever you call us to request tree trimming services, you will get one free visual inspection with no strings attached. From there, we will show you precisely what we can do, provide you with a maintenance outlook for the near future, and help you choose the solution that best fits your budget.

Did you know that trimming a white oak under 5 years old can save you thousands on more invasive tree pruning or even emergency tree removal?

I have had bad experiences with tree trimmers before

After having had poor experiences with untrained workers or hobby gardeners who offered a low price but couldn’t deliver a good job, many clients come to us.

Maybe they cut too much off a previously lush black tupelo, and the tree didn’t grow back within the month.

Maybe you hired someone who knew what to do, just not how, and they left you with an open stump in the middle of the summer, which quickly attracted beetles, bugs, and moss.

You might simply have had a rude person who showed up left and left the deadwood for you to deal with later.

Proper pruning techniques vary a lot depending on the tree species, the type of branch, and the purpose behind it. So rather than leaving it to amateurs, hire an experienced tree service in Alexandria. We will work without accidentally wrecking your nearby plants or leaving behind a mess that will attract pests.

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