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Message From The Owner:

Greetings!  I’m Wayne, a good ol’ Virginian that isn’t scared to cut down a tree, or two, or tree. See what I did there. I’m an old fashioned kind of guy who prefers a handshake over a written contract.  I make an honest living to support my family by providing the best tree care services possible, and I love it.  I’ve been taking care of trees for over 17 years so I’ve seen it all and done it all when it comes to trees in the Lover’s State. Tree care is important.

But enough about me, you need a tree worker!

Tree Service Alexandria and other services

Call if you need help with anything tree related at your home or business that involves tree trimming, removals, stump removals, stump grinding, mulching, tree planting, cutting, pruning, tree services, tree assessments, tree injections, tree fertilizing, arborist services, emergency tree removals, tree work requiring a crane, landing clearing, tree cutting, removing a fallen tree off your house, tree stump removal… get the idea.

Our crews are guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having smiles on our sappy faces. We love repeat customers and referrals and we’re ready to earn your repeat business. Alexandria + Arlington & Fairfax counties are the areas we can service the fastest.

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Call for a free quote or if you have a question about your trees, we’d be happy to tell you what we know. Always trust an experienced tree service professional to work on your trees.

May the forest be with you!


Tree Services We Offer:

Proper tree trimming will make your trees beautiful assets.

Safe tree removals without collateral damage. 

Stumps are ugly. Make use of your stumpy space.

Light & heavy land clearing, site preparation & grading services.

We have special equipment to fit the tightest spaces and reach the tallest trees.

Commercial sized tree care maintenance contracts. The bigger the better.

A tree scientist – Yes, it’s a real thing and no he’s not scared to cut down a tree.




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Alexandria Tree Services

Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited - Let Us Walk You Through Our Business

Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited has our main office located on Westhampton Drive, in Alexandria Virginia. We service the entire area of Alexandria, VA including the White Oaks, Valley View, and the Fair Haven area. We are located in the heart of the Alexandria which makes us part of the neighborhood earning us the trust and reliance from our customers. Our professional tree services in Alexandria includes: tree trimming, tree and stump removals, trimming and pruning, tree removal and emergency services. The residents of Alexandria rely on us for all their tree needs. For the folks in White Oaks and Valley View, our crew is just a call away. Our daily routine takes us all over the Alexandria area and even occasionally out to the Groveton area when needed. Wherever a client is in need, our team is ready to be there on time. We are equipped with the best equipment to service a wide area including Valley View, White Oaks, Westgrove, Belle View, Fair Haven and Groveton.

Benefits of Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited

One of the major benefits of working with Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited in Virginia is that we are a local company that services Alexandria and all neighboring towns. Being located in the center of the city allows us to provide fast service to the nearby towns like White Oaks and Valle View. In case of an emergency, our accessible location can come in very handy. Another benefit is that our team are all residents of Alexandria and share a common goal in providing excellent tree services. We can offer both residential and commercial tree services in the Alexandria area.

Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited Service Areas

Let’s talk about Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited services in Alexandria. These are the main locations that we can provide professional tree services in Alexandria at affordable rates. Our service locations include:

  • White oaks
  • Valley View
  • Groveton
  • Fair Haven
  • Jefferson Manor
  • Belle View
  • West Grove
  • Woodley Hills
  • Community
  • Hollindale
  • Hybla Valley
  • Wilton Woods
  • Winslow Hills
  • Eisenhower West
  • Eisenhower East
  • Taylor Run
  • Landmark

We also service the following zip codes: 22308 22306, 22303,22314.

Address & Directions

Here is our physical address in Alexandria:

  • Alexandria Trees Services Unlimited
  • 6901 Westhampton Dr Alexandria, Virginia 22307
  • 571-371-0611

Testimonials & Other Services

Here are some positive reviews from residents of Alexandria, Virginia that have provided written testimonials about the professional tree services we have provided to them:

If you need to find us on Google, our primary business categories are Alexandria tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, tree and stump removals, trimming and pruning, new placement or transplanting and Alexandria emergency tree services.

For specific services on Alexandria click the appropriate link:

Why Choose Our Tree Care Service Company?

I’ve been a tree service worker in Virginia for over 17 years. I’ve learned from some of the best tree workers in the state and now I am training and working with some very talented young tree service workers.

We are one of the best tree companies in Alexandria. Every single job is the most important job to us. We love our customers and always treat customers with the golden rule.

We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured to protect you as the customer.  You should always work with a fully insured tree service company since our line of work is risky business.

We make it easy for you to pay by having convenient payment options. We understand tree services are usually never planned for. We accept credit cards, invoice on net 30 terms, and occasionally will come up with payment options outside of the box in rare occasions.

Some of our tree workers have been through specialized training from the International Society of Arborists and have received specialized training such as Certified Tree Risk Assessor.

We take pride in our work from the moment we show up, to the moment we leave.  Whether we are doing tree trimming, stump grinding, or a full on technical tree removal, we always treat your home as if it is our own. We maintain our work spaces, try our best to not tear up the grass, and move any items out of the way that may get damaged.

You as the customer are the most important thing to us.  Your satisfaction begins from the initial phone call, to an on-site visit, to a full-faith free estimate, to the work being performed, and finally the payment process. Our reputation and your satisfaction means everything to us and we do our best to earn your respect.

Everyone offers free tree service estimates these days. Our free estimates are good for 30 days. It’s always best for us to come on-site at your location to see the trees and the access, but sometimes videos and photos taken with your cell phone are all that we need to give you a ball park price over the phone.

Not All Tree Companies Near Me Are The Same – So What Makes Us So Special?

tree service alexandria
Tree Service Alexandria VA – What makes us special?

A proud pine on the back of your property or a stately oak can provide a lot of charm to your back yard, in addition to years of shade and several thousand dollars’ worth of curb appeal. That is, of course, provided your tree is growing strong and healthy.

If the trees or bushes around your house have root rotfungi, or low lying branches, then they will become a liability.

Alexandria Tree Service and Our Team

At Alexandria Tree Services, we provide a one-stop-shop experience: our team knows their myrtles from its oaks, tree care, and we have the tools and safety training to ensure no collateral damage.

Services Offered — What We Can Do is What We Love to Do!

Tree Service Alexandria Offers

We offer the following services for your home, back yard, farm, or homestead:

  • Trimming and pruning: Whether for seasonal safety or for beautification, we do more than just chopping and hauling away. We know where to cut and how to keep it clean.
  • Treatments: Be it fungus, bug invasions, dead branches, or root rot — we will try to contain and reverse the problem.
  • Removal: We provide custom solutions for trees that are threatening a property. These include secure crane removal, stump removal, and land clearing.
  • New placement or transplanting: We know what a good pine, elm, birch, or each type of oak needs in order to thrive for decades to come. We can examine your soil and surrounding space to help you choose a good-long term solution.
  • Emergency services: Accidents happen, and sometimes taking care of that abruptly loose branch is critical for both your safety and your family’s. When duty calls, we will make ourselves available!
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Give us a call and schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation. We will be happy to offer you a customized solution.

Why Call The Alexandria Tree Experts?

 Alexandria Tree Service and Our Expertise

I have been doing this for over a decade, and I have dealt with all the common types of trees that grace Virginia, plus a few odd species that required special care. I have also met all types of homeowners, from the loving gardeners to those who were happy to be reminded that they had a backyard at all!

Want to hear something odd? It is usually the ones who love gardening and horticulture who are the most reluctant to schedule tree services. There is a certain pride in having a green thumb — which I fully share, of course — that can make us reluctant to ask for help, sometimes until it’s too late.

Work Commitments

Other times, people are just happy to let their trees be. Thanks to complicated schedules and work commitments, it’s easy to put off some maintenance and pruning until the storm is upon us.

Experience has taught us the right combination of expertise, efficiency, and independence to provide something that will please us all. At the core of our business philosophy is a simple concept: clients want someone who will be timely, reliable, won’t make a mess, and won’t fill your final bill with hundreds of “additional services” that they never bother to inform you about.

An Approach for Every Customer — and For YOU

I like to think of Alexandria Tree Services as being able to offer two different types of service — the Savvy Contractor and the Caring Tree Doctor.

Do you want to keep it nice and simple?

Tree Service Alexandria and Why Do you need it?

Sometimes, the tree in question isn’t quite in your backyard, or you need a large swath of land cleared by a specific date. This is where you need a Savvy Contractor who can work around your schedule and your budget.

Need pruning on a budget? We’ve seen the damage that low hanging branches and unbalanced sections can cause, especially as fall winds and rainy spells approach. This is the bread and butter of our job, so we know how to make sure nothing gets spoilt in process. Our entire team has the training, safety certifications, and gear that ensure we won’t have to dip into our workmen’s compensation insurance — AND YET WE HAVE IT!

Sometimes, an old tree has to go, and just like a doctor who keeps amputation as the last resort, we’ll make sure it’s done quickly and with minimal hassle to you. In order to do this, we provide an initial consultation to take a look at the size of the tree, any surrounding structures, and any zoning laws and regulations that may apply.

Then, our fully-geared removal contractors will help you get rid of the hanging liability in your backyard — and if you need a crane or any other equipment, we have the contacts to ensure it gets done. In the case of trees lost to disease or fungus, we will be happy to help you contain the infection.

Alexandria Tree Service and Maintenance

We also offer routine maintenance, all guided by one of the top certified arborists in Alexandria. Prevention is king in any sort of maintenance or home upkeep activities. We’ve been doing this long enough that we can tell where things could become future problems, and we can help you do the little tweaks you need TODAY in order to avoid the big expense NEXT SUMMER.

No ugly surprises there, for the kind of customer who is strapped for time and wants to play things safe and smart.

Call us

In addition to these services, we also work with many people who love their grounds and the greens. If you need a Tree Doctor, we will not only take care of your tree, but we will ensure your surrounding shrubbery is protected.

Need A Caring, Soft Touch?

Alexandria Tree Service and Our Performance

Those who invest a lot of time and sweat into their backyards often tell us how wary they are to call a new tree servicing company. They understand what needs to be done, and they can tell when they are being shortchanged — but they also tend to have had poor past experience with “choppers”.

We get it — we love our own landscaping too. In fact, we love working with this type of client. We will make sure the rosebuds next to your big old white oak don’t get smashed during pruning. It’s what we would do at our own homes!

If an infestation is threatening your property but you are committed to saving your old tree, and as many of your plants as possible, we will be right on board with you. We will also complement our standard tree maintenance services with arborist consultations to ensure your trees are well-nourished and loved for. We will explore any available, home-friendly protection options or treatments to ensure no blight reaches your yard.

And, of course, no true Tree Doctor ever skips on a chance to help you rehome an existing tree, or to help you plant a new one! Just let us take a good look at your yard and we will tell you where it would look best, and have space to grow happier and stronger.

Whether you need someone to provide loving, science-based tree care or a cost-savvy and quick service, our core service remains the same: results sprinkled with a dose of charm and heavily seasoned with safety and timeliness.

Call Us

Call us today and tell us how we can help.


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Top 5 Things to do in Alexandria, Virginia

Whether or not you are a visitor or a resident to Alexandria, here are our Top 5 things to do in Alexandria:

1. Go on the Old Town Alexandria River Cruise. This usually lasts 90 minutes and the cruise will take you along the Potomac River to George and Martha Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon. You can then enjoy a guided tour of the mansion and visit the tomb of President George Washington.

2. Enjoy an Old Town Boutique Food Tour. This three-hour walking tour is perfect if you are a food enthusiast. The tour will take you to selected food tastings at a variety of restaurants. You can enjoy the charm and beauty of old town Alexandria as well.

3. Go on a Beer Tasting Tour. Toast to your wonderful life while sampling beer in the “Best Small Brewery” in the U.S. Enjoy a tour in Alexandria’s West End and join events like Beer Yoga. If you love beer and want to know about its roots, this is the perfect place to visit.

4. Visit the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum. This historic museum was founded in 1792 and continued to operate until 1933. Harry potter fans will love the museum tour which features real-life ingredients that were used as potions in the 1800’s and where inspiration was derived from in the Harry Potter book.

5. Take a stroll in the oldest farmers market in the U.S. The old farmers market has been open every Saturday morning for more than 260 years. It is considered the oldest running farmers market in the U.S. Mothers and wives who love to cook will appreciate this historical display of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, bread, pastries and more. The market is located at 301 King St, Alexandria, Virginia.


Here is a list of the Top 5 helpful Alexandria, Virginia links that you may find helpful:

1) The main City of Alexandria Virginia official website :

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5) City of Alexandria Licenses and Permits:

To visit Alexandria Tree Services Unlimited from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Westhampton Drive, Alexandria, follow these directions:

1. Follow George Washington Memorial Pkwy to Belle Haven

2. Head southeast

3. Turn right toward S Smith Blvd

4. Continue onto S Smith Blvd

5. Merge onto George Washington Memorial Pkwy

6. Pass by Bank of America Financial Center (on the right in 2.4 mi)

7. Follow Belle Haven Rd to Fort Hunt Rd

8. Slight right toward Belle Haven Rd

9. Turn right onto Belle Haven Rd

10. Continue on Fort Hunt Rd. Take Belle View Blvd to Smithway Dr

11. Turn left onto Fort Hunt Rd

12. Turn right onto Belle View Blvd

13. Continue onto Beacon Hill Rd

14. Follow Smithway Dr and Mary Baldwin Dr to Westhampton Dr

15. Turn left onto Smithway Dr

16. Turn right onto Mary Baldwin D

17. Turn right to stay on Mary Baldwin Dr

18. Turn left onto Westhampton Dr

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