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Providing residential tree services for homeowners in Alexandria is a never ending service for us.  Property maintenance is sometimes a stressful task for homeowners as it involves a myriad of complex, but non-urgent tasks that have a way of sliding down our priority lists. Until something happens, that is. Find out more about residential tree services below.

Plus, when it comes to your own backyard, sometimes it’s hard to find someone you can trust and who will get things just right. That big tree by your front porch is not just for shade — your kids play there, and you probably have many memories attached to it. Who else would care for it as lovingly as yourself?

At Alexandria Tree Services, we understand this, and we always feel honored to be entrusted with your family’s safety and the state of your Virginia-proud property.

How Can Proper Tree Care Make a Difference?

Healthy, well-pruned trees can be easily recognized by the savvy eye — and even those who don’t know much about tree health will be able to tell when a tree’s foliage looks dense and full, its leaves bright, and its trunk solid and stately.

This can, in turn, transform your curb appeal from “friendly” and “welcoming” to downright “fantastic,” and therefore become a worthwhile investment should the time ever come to sell. Even if you don’t, you will get an extra layer of security around your house; a weak, sick, or unstable tree can quickly become an expensive liability. So if you search for residential tree service alexandria VA, come look for us!

Your backyard will be a place where you will build decades of memories around your loved ones. So why not invest in it?

What We Offer Our Residential Alexandria Clients

Our crew of gardeners, laborers, and certified arborists offer general tree care and maintenance services, including tree trimming, pruning, training, and general landscaping improvements.

In addition, we also offer small-scale land clearing jobs for residential lots. We can remove trees and stumps, as well as offer mulching and stump grinding using small machines and low-noise techniques. These will guarantee you can move on to your next project quickly, and before any of your Alexandria neighbors can hassle you about their headaches.

Finally, we also offer affordable and flexible options for tree removal, whether scheduled or as an emergency. When a bad storm hits and a low-hanging branch threatens your windows or your pets, it’s best to take care of that right away. We can also help you prevent future trouble with a well-designed trimming schedule, as well as new tree cabling or bracing.

Why Call Alexandria Tree Service for Residential Tree Services?

When it comes to your family’s safety and well-being, it is not enough to just get the cheapest option — that often ends up in extra expenses later on! Accidents, shoddy workmanship, and simple rudeness from the workers are not something anyone wants to bring to their property.

Our Alexandria residential services won’t give you any of that. Plus, getting Alexandria Tree Services to take care of the job also offers you the chance to get:

  • Trained, certified and fully insured workers
  • A free estimate
  • Payment plans
  • Satisfaction-oriented customer service
  • An easy-to-reach contractor willing to work by your side

Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to tell you more!



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