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Land Clearing Alexandria VA and its Importance

Land clearing is a necessary activity for both new construction projects and for property maintenance. It has, however, acquired a bit of a poor reputation. it is labor-intensive, noisy, and tends to require large bulldozers and even larger budgets. Mention land clearing your own back yard to your family’s rebel teenager, and images of a massive sit-down to save a bird’s nest immediately pops in their mind.

Moreover, it’s true that traditional methods of land clearing tend to promote soil erosion and make life impossible — even if temporarily — for the surrounding properties. True nature lovers that we are, Alexandria Tree Services can offer more efficient and green-friendly ways to tackle the job.

Who Needs Land Clearing?

Most of the time, it is thought of as a solution for large extensions of land, either to build a new farm or to begin a new development. However, on a smaller scale, it is also useful if you are renovating your property — especially if that will involve enlarging it — or if you are thinking of selling and need the surrounding space to look neater.

Land Clearing Alexandria VA and Why You Need it

For those of us blessed to live at the edges of the Alexandria countryside, periodic land clearing is a necessity, as it helps keeps pests, spiders, and flats of rotten leaves and mulch at bay.

What Does Land Clearing Involve?

It is important to note that land clearing services encompass everything you may need to provide a “clean slate” to a parcel of your fertile Virginia land. This may involve removing trees and stumps, as well as clearing bush and weeds. Depending on the size of the land, and what’s in it, land clearing can be roughly tackled with the dreaded Big Bulldozer, with mulchers or grinders, or even by hand with a good axe — or a combination of these. So if you search for Land Clearing Alexandria VA near me, come look for us!

Land Clearing Alexandria VA and its Tenets

Additionally, our way of doing it involves prioritizing a clever use of mulchers. These are essentially larger versions of the same system we use for stump grinding — and they are incredibly quieter and easier to deploy than cranes or heavy machinery.

So What Do You Get By Doing It Our Way?


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In addition to a much more manageable budget, using mulchers instead of bulldozers will keep the operation safer for our workers, and prevent any accidental fines for noise pollution.

In turn, this will translate into a much tidier bill for you. With fewer people in charge of handling each machine, it also allows us the flexibility to organize an urgent job with a much faster turnover. It all depends on your needs and deadlines.

By avoiding the use of anything classed as “heavy machinery,” we won’t have to cause extra delays while dealing with the special permits and regulations required in Alexandria.

Land Clearing Services Alexandria

There are great benefits for the environment as well. Instead of ripping out entire root systems and making a mess of the soil, we leave it with a tidy layer of mulch that will prevent erosion and preserve soil quality. Should it rain, this will also prevent it from becoming a temporary swampy mosquito breeding ground.

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