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DIY Stump Removal Methods and Tips (Part 2)

diy stump removal

There are different methods to remove stumps in Alexandria. In the previous post, we discussed why people choose to remove idle stumps and how to prepare for the task. We also talked about how to grind stumps away. This time, we’ll talk about other manual ways to get rid of stumps and know some diy stump removal methods and tips.

Stump Removal by Hand

This is probably your first DIY method, and there’s nothing wrong with manual stump removal for small trunks and shallow root systems. Old, decaying stumps are fairly manageable using tools like a chainsaw and a shovel.

The steps are quite straightforward. Cut the top portion of the trunk or butt. Remove any lower branches. Dig up the soil to reveal the roots. Try yanking the trunk to dislodge the main roots. Your goal is to expose the roots so that you can cut them. Use an ax or a saw to cut main roots. Then continue budging the trunk until it gets uprooted. If you can’t pull the trunk manually, tie a rope or chain around it. Hook the rope or chain to a pickup truck.

Chemical Stump Removal

Some people just don’t have the brawns for removing leftover tree trunks and roots. Others don’t have the right tools for the task. If manual removal is out of the question for whatever reason, the other method to try is the chemical method. You’ll still need tools like a drill or a chainsaw in addition to potassium nitrate.

You still need to cut the butt with a chainsaw. Once you have removed as much of the trunk as possible, drill holes about a foot deep around the stump. Fill the holes with potassium nitrate and water. Leave the site for 4-6 weeks. The leftover butt and roots should have gone spongy at this point. Once spongy, the stump is easier to break up.

You can also pour kerosene on the stump, and allow the fuel to soak the wood for at least a week. Burn the stump until everything is reduced to ashes. Anyway, this brings us to our next method.

Eradication by Burning

This is a modified version of the previous one and is a cheaper and easier method for some people. It can be messy — and smoky. Burning the remnant of a tree after having it cut is fairly straightforward and simple. You don’t need to rent equipment. But you will need a drill to make a hole in the middle of the stump. The hole should be about 10 inches deep. Clear the hole of all debris. Make more holes, but make sure each hole is about an inch from the next. Pour potassium nitrate into the holes, and then add hot water to dissolve the chemical. Cover the stump with firewood, which you will burn afterwards.

You may also dig around the stump to expose the roots underneath. Add charcoal into the trenches you’ve dug before laying the firewood on top. As the firewood burns, it consumes the stump slowly. Let the fire burn the stump. The charcoal should continue scorching the roots. You may have to add more charcoal and wood and repeat the process until most of the stump is reduced to ashes. You can then break the remaining stump with a shovel. This process may take a few days, depending on the size of the stump.

Eradication by Rotting

First off, tree stumps are difficult to rot. This method is still worth a try even though it’s not the fastest method there is. You will still need to drill multiple holes into the stump. Once you have made several 10-inch-deep holes, fill them with a high-nitrogen substance and then water. The stump should soften, and once it’s soft, you should be able to break it apart. If not, let it rot further by adding compost. The fungi and bacteria in the compost should help break the stump down. However, this process takes months, even years. It’s not the right method if you’re looking to use that space soon.

Where to throw tree stumps?

Garbage collectors in Alexandria don’t normally pick up tree stumps, especially the large ones. So, you can expect a dug up stump to lie around until you do something about it. It’s the next annoying problem after you remove the bothersome thing yourself. However, try giving your local solid waste collection service a phone call, and see whether you can arrange for them to collect the uprooted stump from your backyard.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to discard a tree stump. It can be recycled and repurposed. For instance, you can use roots for decorative purposes in your landscaping project. Or you can rent a wood chipper to chip a tree stump into pieces you can use for ornamental projects.

On the other hand, ask your stump removal company in Alexandria if their service includes disposal of the stump. Our team at Alexandria Tree Services takes care of removal and disposal of tree stumps, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with cleanup afterwards.

What to do with the area after the stump has been removed?

Fill the hole with soil. Even out the ground. Cover the area with grass or hay as you prepare it for whatever purpose.

If you have several stumps, especially troublesome ones, you’re better off having all of them removed. Although you can remove them one by one manually, the task is probably not worth your effort and time. A lot of people come to us for problems like this because they have work to do or they don’t have the right equipment.

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